What's the origin of the orchard name?

Jude is the owner's name and "pomme", as you all know means apple. But, when you pronounce it in French, it also means apple juice (jus de pomme). Jude-Pomme is an orchard located in Oka, which is approximately 45 minutes from Montréal. We offer personalised self picking in a beautiful area. You can pick apples (up to 30 varieties), pears and plums. Bring your picnic and come spend a day in the countryside, taking a tractor ride and enjoying the panoramic view.





On the following chart, you can check out the approximate maturity date of the main varieties available at the orchard. We do recommend you visit our website or call before coming to make sure your variety is ready.



Take a closer look at the orchard, click here to see it!





Please take note that those dates may change according to seasons.


If you would like more information email us at : info@judepomme.com